Volker Eisenach is a teacher, writer, choreographer and youth dance director and lives in Berlin, Germany. From 1992 – 2022 he was the Artistic Director of the Faster-Than-Light-Dance-Company.
In 2018 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The main focus of his stage work is to make dance accessible to everyBody.


Dance Performances

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Volker Eisenach trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London. He first got involved with dance at his grammar school at the age of 15. In 1992 he co-founded Faster-Than-Light-Dance-Company (FTL) and became Artistic Director in 1998. He stayed with FTL for 30 years until the final performance of the company in 2022.

During his career he has worked with Berliner Philharmoniker, Carnegie Hall, Bregenz Festival, Vienna Festival, Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe, Opera Neukölln, Bach-Days Halle, International Music Festival Holstebro in Denmark and „Jedermann“-Theatre-Festival at Berlin Cathedral. He has also choreographed for numerous schools and community projects in Germany and abroad.

With Berliner Philharmoniker, Volker Eisenach has worked since „The Rite of Spring“/“’Rhythm is it!“ as choreographer, assistant and rehearsal director on a variety of education projects. From 2003 until 2018 he had worked extensively with his former teacher Royston Maldoom for projects in Europe, North America, China and New Zealand.


In 2012 the One-Woman-Show „Zwischen Stühlen“ (Between Chairs), was performed at the Theater im Schokohof, Berlin. The play was written and directed by Volker Eisenach. From 2016 on his musicals „Christl & Älexis“ and „Hand in Hand durchs Schlagerland“ were performed at the Wilde Oscar Theatre. His play „Ehrenrunde“ (Lap of Honour) was published at deutscher theateverlag.

From 1999 – 1994 Volker Eisenach was the co-writer for all new productions of Faster-Than-Light-Dance-Company – in the following years he wrote „Verkorkst!“, „Schnittchenschlacht“ and „Crazy Castle“.